Blogpost 2: Be Kind to Yourself

At present, I have been in business for 6 weeks and I have learnt a lot. I think with any new idea or project that people pursue they are often very optimistic, full of ideals and harness a great fire in their belly ready to accomplish their goals. Whilst this is very exciting and admirable, in their naivety including my own, you fail to truly see what those rose-tinted spectacles reflect.

Self-reflection is something I really value and taking this opportunity to share my journey does feel quite liberating. Last month, when I introduced my business launch competition is a true example of where those rose-tinted spectacles warped my vision and expectations, hence, the tone of annoyance in my previous blogpost. However, now I have a better sense of achievement. The competition did reach a good number of people and I am pleased to say that I had over 30 entrants. In my view, for my first competition I think is good going. I’m very pleased with who I had chosen as the winner of the competition and I’ve received some very positive feedback which I’m very grateful for: “I won a month's worth of free ironing in a recent Facebook competition which is how I was introduced to Laura. The clothing bundle was picked up and dropped off promptly. Upon its return it was immaculately ironed. Highly recommend SteamOn for a friendly and professional service!”

Early on in the process of setting up the business, I have been struggling with my mental health and have been experiencing intense feelings of loneliness where I have been really desperate for company. I am getting better now at managing this and the anxiety is not as full-on thankfully. I did this by really focusing on making sure I celebrate each and every small or big milestone I have accomplished to date. From one of my recent appointments with my counsellor, as I was leaving the room after she reminded me that she was going on some annual leave, she made a point to tell me: “Be kind to yourself”. This really struck accord with me and is something I am so mindful of. These milestones I am referring to in terms of business only come around once for the first time and whilst they may be small and seem insignificant to an outsider; they are what keeps me going and more determined to make this business a success.

Another area of business that I’m very happy with at the moment is my online presence. Whilst there has been a dry spell over the past week or two on social media, my presence in Google rankings has come on leaps and bounds considering I have only been in business for 6 weeks. This is so important to be recognised on Google as it can really impact the amount of custom you gain. My mini-milestone last week was gaining a new customer after they had found me on Google rather than any paid advertising from Facebook I had invested in. It is all looking up and something I am hoping to build upon and maintain. I cannot thank my other half Chris enough who is an expert in the area who has guided and advised me how to climb these ranks.

There have a been a couple of things I am not so pleased with and actually feel somewhat embarrassed about. The back-to-school offer didn’t take off as well as I hoped it would and it had taken me a short while to psych myself up to start flyering. I am not going to beat myself up over these anymore and put it down to experience. The back-to-school offer will return next year and hopefully we will see more positive results.

The physical campaign is one of my main priorities at the moment. I have enjoyed the past couple of days flyering around Durkar in Wakefield and plan to tackle lots of areas around the region very soon. I wanted to give a quick shout out to all those at who have helped by flyering on my behalf and your continued support - thank you so much.

The rest of this month, I am excited to say I am going to be releasing more offers, i.e. refer-a-friend offers and launching some weekly competitions for prizes worth £50. I am going to sign off now until next time; here’s hoping September/October are better months all around!