Long time no speak, or should I say update! 4 weeks have passed which means I’m in my tenth week of running my own business.

Overall, I am finally feeling much more confident and positive about the progress I have made to date, I will detail this further on in the post.

Starting the business, I was more anxious than excited and if I’m being entirely honest, I was giving myself a real hard time in terms of the nature of the business – ironing – and by that I mean, constantly thinking or trying to shut down the negative committee in my thought patterns that I am so much ‘better’ than an ironing business and you bet, definitely in a snooty way. I was comparing myself to my former more “successful” self – A/A* pupil, ambitious go-getter, popular student politician, graduate – all these things that I had been immensely proud of and where I was 10 weeks ago, I absolutely did not feel that the journey I was about to go on was going to match any of my former achievements.

It hasn’t been easy and that is what I had expected. All I know now is 10 weeks on is that I love running my own business. When I was at university, I was elected to run a non-for-profit organisation and this journey at times has been rather nicely nostalgic the main difference this time I wasn’t representing a student body, I am entirely representing myself in the world of services to the public.

It was only last week where I’ve grown in confidence after calculating how well I’ve been doing financially from starting the business, 1st Aug to the 1st Oct. I was pleasantly surprised and happy with my progress to date and I am also very pleased to state it has given me a real confidence boost and further excitement about the future of SteamOn especially with some projects that are coming up. I had also noticed that over the past 10 weeks that my customer acquisition is coming along well – roughly gaining a new customer every week. These customers do vary in terms of how often they require any ironing to be completed, for example, it could be a one-off, fortnightly or weekly service that I provide for them. Moreover, I’ve been receiving very positive feedback about my service that again fills me with more confidence that I am providing a service I should be proud of.  Personally, I couldn’t be more pleased with the effort I am putting in (the service), I meticulously iron each garment and ensure they’re to a high standard upon collection/delivery to customers. They’re all wrapped in a protective plastic garment protection and I put my branded stickers on the bags. Similarly, I offer branded coathangers for clients – hard plastic hangers with a metal hook are my personal preference and feel the service received is to a very professional standard. Well, that is my goal nonetheless.











Mentioning branded items, I have recently had some promotional t-shirts made by the lovely Matt & Helen at Picson Printing. I’m so pleased with my t-shirts and look forward to using them on a day-to-day basis as well as all my flyering runs and working out in the gym. That does remind me, if you do see my t-shirts around, there is a unique discount code on the t-shirt  that will give you 10% off your order (can only be redeemed once).












Over this past month, I have been involved with some charity events such as one of the infamous ‘Coffee Mornings‘ in aid of Macmillan where I’ve provided £50 prize vouchers for winners of various raffles. I will also be supporting some local football teams, Durkar Devils, with their annual event in the upcoming weeks. If you know anyone who does require any prizes for any event in exchange for some free publicity for SteamOn then please do get in touch via email [email protected].

It has been rather quiet on the Western front in terms of my social media presence, however, that does not mean I have not been working in the background! I plan to step it up some notches in terms of releasing more information and offers in the very near future and again cracking up the literal volume of flyers being delivered around Wakefield.  If any friends or family fancy volunteering to help me out with this aspect of marketing, it would be so much appreciated, I may be able to offer some form of payment as well. Again, get in touch with me if interested.

The part of the business I am most excited about at the moment is launching my occasionwear service. I will very soon be offering a door-to-door service making sure occasionwear/bridalwear/groomswear etc are all perfect and pristine for any special occasion including weddings, proms and balls. Furthermore, more specifically to weddings I will be offering an after-care service of the garments boxing up the items and making them the most magical memorabilia to have and to hold.

All in all, from the general tone of this post, I can happily conclude that I am in a much happier place and feeling very positive about the future of SteamOn. Will publish more updates as and when! 🙂