Turns out these blog posts are few and far between! Nevertheless, I am here today and ready to share some more details of my progress in the world of starting your own business.

Over the course of the last 3 months, there have many highs and lows as expected when you first start-up. I feel the majority of the struggles that come with setting up is often the mental battle that comes with it. The mental battle consists of managing your expectations in a very unknown future. Having depression as a mental illness combined with this battle, [actually, the more accurate term we should call it, is a war; a full on brutal metaphysical war] is a constant fluctuation of: great ambition vs severe doubt; feeling highly motivated that you could take on the world vs pure unwillingness to face anything or anyone;  having a crystal-clear vision to having no desire or hope; as well as the sheer determination to be a success vs not having a care in the world.

Does that shortlist make it a difficult read? I re-read that back and gosh it does sound exhausting; you know why? Because it is. This, too, only takes up a small fragment of my mind. This hasn’t considered other extraneous factors like family relationships, meeting up with friends, forward planning for future events like Christmas and birthdays, financial pressures, general poorliness, hospital visits and caring for people post-op, anniversaries of deaths, pressures of wanting to reach optimum health and fitness, wanting to get married and have children...the list can go on and on.

Despite the many challenges the business brings together with my personal life, I do feel I’m in progress of championing the art of versatility. I think anyone starting up a business needs to be open to change and mostly being able to adapt to expecting the unexpected.

Whilst I’ve given what feels like the morbid and completely honest realities of running my business. There have many accomplishments that I simply do not get myself enough credit for. For example, whilst there may be some lull periods between customers, I have roughly 30 customers on my books which increases every week (I started trading 25 weeks ago). I rank very highly on Google for Wakefield Ironing Services. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback in support of my ironing service meaning what I am doing works. I have a super supportive network of close friends, family and my incredible other half who help me whenever they can. Lastly but not least, quite frankly, I have myself who to date has not failed on my watch. I’m currently working on practicing self-care but more on that next time.

Next project to look out for: